Wooden external doors (portones), often very elaborate, and smaller inner doors were an indispensable feature in Colonial Mexican homes from the conquest (1521) on. Even contemporary Colonial style homes and haciendas incorporate doors and portones as a feature that enhances their residences' character and appearance, as well as its safety, due to the resiliency and thickness of the wood in these pieces.

Some of our portones are made of old, solid wood from original Mexican Colonial homes. This wood is values for its historical value. Full portones of historical character, like the Mexican Independence's leader, Father Miguel Hildago's home door, which is on display in a regional museum.

We have a wide range of doors made of mesquite but also of other fine woods. Some are baroque and fully carved with images, and some display a simple yet elegant presence. Yet all of them add to the beauty and distinction of any home.

Inside doors can be used as accent pieces and even be displayed on a wall as rustic decoration. Furnishings and particular designs can be custom made, as with all our furniture.