Wormwood is created by the pine beetle out of rough (second cut) pine. Wormwood gives an antique and rustic look to furniture or doors, adding character to any piece. A lot of our wormwood comes from Michoacan, Mexico, from very old house beams and posts called trojes. Some of our wormwood can be dated to the 19th century.

Our wormwood is carefully selected and then fumigated in special chambers to ensure it is safe and resilient. It is then styled into our furniture and door designs. What is remarkable about our wormwood artifacts is their durability despite their age. Time and human talent combine creating wonderful furniture and doors that fit not only Spanish Colonial and Southwestern style homes, but practically any decor which incorporates rustic furniture for ambience or as an ancient piece.

We present a wide variety of designs from where to choose from. Or we can make custom furniture according to your specifications.